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At Core Mortgage Financial we offer the best home loan mortgage tools available on the internet with easy, convenient, on-line shopping for the best mortgage loan programs and most current Texas rates available. Core Mortgage Financial can help you purchase, refinance or take advantage of your home equity.

Core Mortgage Financial

Offering The Best Home Loans On the Internet

Why choose Us?

Core Mortgage Financial is a full service residential mortgage company serving the entire state of Texas. We are based out of the Judah Texas area.

Why choose Us?

We're a full service mortgage broker and banker firm with expertise in every area of home mortgage lending from purchase to refinance to construction lending.

Why choose Us?

Through Core Mortgage Financial you not only have access to the best home loans available in the marketplace. All right here on the internet.

Core Mortgage Financial

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Now we may get you approved and give you a detailed estimate showing the interest rate offered, the loan amount, the estimated monthly payment, all of the costs of the loan and what they are for, and how much money you will need to close. If you like the estimate, we will issue you an APPROVAL LETTER and you can go house shopping!


Best Mortgage Rates Anywhere

We offer the best mortgage rates in Texas. A decision to purchase a home can be stressful. Buying a home is a big step. You can trust Core Mortgage Financial to find the loan program that’s best suited for you! You do not pick a house that is going to work for others but rather one that will work perfect for you. That is why Core Mortgage Financial is the best choice to get you in the home that best fits your needs. Core Mortgage Financial is also the mortgage company that will fit your needs. Let our expert team help you get financed so you can have that dream home right away.


I was told that getting a home loan will be stressfull. Yet I never had any issues with Core Mortgage Financial and they made it fun.

Dave Johnson

By far the best mortgage company in Texas. We will always recommend Core Mortgage Financial!

Carol Reed

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